Most of our equipment is available to all users. Some (denoted with an asterisks, *) equipment is for use of Making STP staff only

Direct write photolithography process

Electronic testing & analysis setup

Form2 3D printer

Basic 3D printing post-processing tools

Pressure pump, controllers, switches etc. for microfluidic control

UV Ozone machine

Spin-coater (for non-photoresist work – e.g., PDMS)

Optical Profilometer

Soft lithography infrastructure

3D CAD software

Photomask layout software

Laser cutter (coming soon)

Asiga Pico27HD 3D printer (coming soon)

UV spot curing system

*3-axis CNC mill for polymers

*Prototype injection molding system

*Optical fabrication

*Computational Fluid Dynamics software (coming soon)